Who we are?


Banco Cathay was founded in 1998 to break paradigms and demonstrate that business and trade development between Costa Rica and Asian countries i more than just a dream.

We were founded thanks to the vision of our investors and today we are a strong, solid, emblematic bank that has coined the phrase “Fast and Well Done” for our work philosophy. It has formed alliances with small and medium Costa Rican companies to which we offer products that cover all of their financial needs.

We are the only private bank in all of Central America that is a correspondent bank to the Bank of China and with the China Development Bank, providing unequaled facilities with those banks for our customers to do business in the Peoples Republic of China.

Banco Cathay continues to be the only bank in Costa Rica with close connections with the oriental population living in the country, thanks to our personnel at all of our branches, who are highly fluent in the language and the culture.

Meaning of Cathay:

“Cathai”: the name originally given by Marco Polo to Northern China.

“Cathai” is derived from the word Quitan, the name of a Chinese tribe that governed the northern part of China during the visits made by Marco Polo.

Trips by Marco Polo throughout the land of Kublai Khan are remembered in history as the “Road to Cathay”. In the English language, the word Cathay was sometimes used to refer to China, although over the years it was only use in poetry, until the nineteenth century when it was totally replaced by China.

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